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backlink checker - Backlinks kunnen verschillende soorten ankerteksten hebben.
Die alt-informatie is daarom ook te beschouwen als de ankertekst van een link of een backlink. Interne links: Backlinks zijn links van andere websites naar uw website, interne links zijn links van uw eigen website naar andere webpaginas binnen die website.
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Put your skills to work. Gauge a Site's' Influence with Link Explorer. Link Explorer is a link popularity and backlink analysis tool that lets you research and compare any site on the web. Copyright 2018 Moz, Inc. All rights reserved. Artikel verder lezen
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Support Open Site Explorer. Support Moz APIs. Support Other Research Tools. Support Feature Requests. The SEO Process. On-Page / Site Optimization. Vertical SEO: Video, Image, Local. Technical SEO Issues. Intermediate Advanced SEO. Testing / Quality Assurance. Search Engine Trends. White Hat / Black Hat SEO. Alternative Search Sources. Management / Culture. Consulting Tips Trends. Inbound Marketing Events. Inbound Marketing Industry. Inbound Marketing in the Media. Paid Search Marketing. Branding / Brand Awareness. Conversion Rate Optimization. Online Marketing Tools. Local Website Optimization. Reviews and Ratings. Social Media for Local Search. Mobile and Local. Good Answers: 3. Endorsed Answers: 0. Vote up 1. Product Support Is Moz's' backlink checker.
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Free SEO Tools. Open Site Explorer. Get full access to Open Site Explorer with Moz Pro! Start My Free 30-Day Trial. It looks like you have Javascript disabled. Javascript is required to use Open Site Explorer. Copyright 2018 Moz, Inc.
Moz Backlink Checker, Moz Backlink Extractor CoderDuck SEO Tools.
Backlink Maker Backlink Extractor Moz Backlink Extractor Backlink Checker Ping Website. Link Tracker Link Analyzer Website Links Count Checker Link Price Calculator Google Index Checker URL Rewriting URL Encoder Decoder Internet Speed Test PTCL Broadband Speed Checker. Alexa Rank Checker Mozrank Checker.
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SEO linkbuilding met gratis backlink checker en tips NickLink. Online.
Autoriteit en spamscore in MOZ Open Sitie Explorer. Gratis Backlink checker gebruiken. Breng eerst in beeld welke backlinks je al hebt. Om te voorkomen dat je dubbel werk gaat doen. Met de hierboven genoemde betaalde tools is het ook mogelijk te checken welke sites domeinen en paginas naar je site linken.
Backlink Tracker by Linkody The most accurate backlink monitoring tool.
Receive daily detailed link reports in your inbox. Moz Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Spam Score. PDF whitelabel reports. With your logo, ready to be sent to your clients. Facebook shares likes, LinkedIn, Google Plus. Connect your Google Analytics account to Linkody to get more backlink data. TLDs, subdomains, anchor phrases/terms. Download unlimited rows of metrics with a single click. Redirections, follow/nofollow, outgoing links, anchor text, Alexa rank, etc. Reliable backlink monitoring tool, great service, happy customers! Join the hundreds of happy customers who are relying on Linkodys easy-to-use backlink tracker and great customer support. Linkody is the Rolls of backlink monitoring! Samuel Hounkpe SEO Consultant Weboref FR. Without doubt, Linkody is the best backlink software on the market today. Pete Duffy SEO Agency Owner PeteDuffy UK. With this tool we can easily adjust our SEO strategy. Besides, the support is great! Sjors van Santen SEO Strategist True NL. Are you human? See up to 100 referring domains instantly with Linkodys Free Backlink Checker.
Free MozRank Checker Tool Online Check Bulk DA, PA and Moz Trust.
Free Bulk Moz Checker is a unique, free, user friendly and very reliable tool for checking domain authority DA, page authority PA and moz rank. This Bulk DA Checker tool support URL's' up to 10 at once. Find Moz Metrics.
Site Explorer by cognitiveSEO Backlink Checker Link Research.
More info about the importance of the SEO Visibility can be found here. How is cognitiveSEO's' Site Explorer different than the other backlink checker tools? The cognitiveSEO's' Backlink Checker Tool is powered by one of the largest link index database.
Domain Authority Checker / Website Authority Checker MOZ Backlinks.
Website Checker / SEO Audit. This tool is made possible by data from some of the best in the industry.: The Ahrefs API returning the page and domain backlinks The Mozscape / Moz API to get the authority and link related data. 09/14/2017 Added Ahrefs API for backlink count.
Domain Authority Checker Check Moz domain authority of a website.
It is a statistical number from 0 100 which was developed by Moz in order to determine how does a domain rank in results of Google search engine. However, it is not the same thing as that of page authority. The difference between page authority and domain authority is rather significant as page authority is the ranking potential of a single web page whereas domain authority tells us about the overall ranking potential of the entire domain or subdomains. Domain Authority vs. The first step towards finding out how to increase domain authority is to properly understand the difference between page authority and domain authority for which you will be needing a quality domain authority checker.

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